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Descargar Team umizoomi

Team umizoomi Full HD MEGA, Subtitulada, completa


Year of release: 2009-2011.
Author: Soo Kim, Michael T. Smith, Jennifer Twomey
Category: Educational videos for children
Language: English
Video quality: TVRip
Video format: AVI
Video: 640 x 480, 424h304, 808h608, 344h256, 25 fps, XviD ~ 1600 kbps avg
Audio: Mp3 stereo 128 Kbps 2ch 44Hz

Description: girl Millie, her brother GEO and their best friend robot team of superheroes who use their mighty math skills to solve complex problems with which young viewers may face in real life.
In game shape children get acquainted with geometric shapes, colors, and exploring the laws of physics.
33 series (1 and 2) on 23 minutes each.



Código: Umizoomi.part01.rar.html Umizoomi.part02.rar.html Umizoomi.part03.rar.html Umizoomi.part04.rar.html Umizoomi.part05.rar.html Umizoomi.part06.rar.html Umizoomi.part07.rar.html Umizoomi.part08.rar.html Umizoomi.part09.rar.html Umizoomi.part10.rar.html Umizoomi.part11.rar.html Umizoomi.part12.rar.html Umizoomi.part13.rar.html Umizoomi.part14.rar.html Umizoomi.part15.rar.html Umizoomi.part16.rar.html Umizoomi.part17.rar.html
Team umizoomi Full HD MEGA, Subtitulada, completa

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Descargar Team umizoomi

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